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The transfer of copyright from authors to the publisher must be clearly stated in writing to enable the Annals of phlebology to proceed with publication of the work. Therefore, the Annals of phlebology requires the following agreement be signed by all authors and sent to the e-mail address below with the author proofs.

Article Title: ______________________________________________________________________________________

We, the undersigned coauthors of this paper, have contributed to (1) data design, analysis, or interpretation, and (2) writing or critiquing drafts of the manuscript, and we approve the submitted version of the manuscript.
We declare that this paper has not been published elsewhere in whole or in part in any language (except in abstract form). We are jointly responsible for the release of any or all of the material contained within the paper.
We declare that we obtained patient consent-to-disclose forms for any figures of identifiable patients and edited out any names mentioned in the recording. The consent form indicated specific use (reproduction in the medical literature in print and online, with the understanding that patients and the public will have access) of the patient’s medical information and any images and contained the patient's signature or that of a legal guardian.

We also declare that research involving human subjects was performed in compliance with the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki (2008), and that involving animals was approved by the applicable institutional ethics committee or review board and conformed with generally accepted guidelines governing such work.

We further attest that we have herein disclosed any and all financial and other relationships that could be construed as conflicts of interest, and that all sources of financial support for this study are disclosed in the manuscript.
They are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License (

We understand that we retain the following rights over the work:

  • The right to make further copies of all or part of the published article for our use in classroom teaching and traditional scholarship communication;
  • The right to reuse all or part of this material in a compilation of our own works or in a textbook of which we are the authors;
  • The right to make copies of the published work for internal distribution within the institution that employs us;
  • The right to deposit our work in an institutional and/or central repository in accordance with the Annals of phlebology policy on institutional repositories

We agree that copies or deposits made under these circumstances will carry proper acknowledgement of the journal detailed above as the original source of publication.

Corresponding Author ___________________________________
Signature ____________________________________

*This copyright agreement has been signed by the submitting/corresponding author on behalf of any and all co-authors.

Vol.21 No.2 Dec 31, 2023, pp. 53~101

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