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  • Case ReportDecember 31, 2023

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    Successful Stenting Case of Iliofemoral Venous Occlusive Segment in Postthrombotic Syndrome with Venous Ulcer

    Yong Beom Bak, M.D., Seung-Jae Byun, M.D., Jin Won Jeon, M.D., Ji Lan Jang, M.D. and Dae Jung Kim, M.D.

    Ann Phlebology 2023; 21(2): 99-101
    Chronic venous ulcers are a debilitating condition that often significantly impacts the quality of life due to their tendency to recur. Recently, we encountered a case of challenging chronic obstructive iliofemoral venous disease, presenting as postthrombotic syndrome with a venous ulcer. Venous duplex ultrasound revealed evidence of venous reflux in the left great saphenous vein and small saphenous vein. A CT venogram indicated occlusion in the proximal femoral vein, common femoral vein, and external iliac veins, with collateral veins in the lower abdomen. This lesion was treated using a combination of two types of venous stents. A one-month follow-up revealed improvement in the patient’s edema and ulcer.
Vol.22 No.1 Jun 30, 2024, pp. 1~38

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