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Table. 1.

recommended VADs according to previous guideline and reviews

Symptoms UIP 2018 (1) Cochrane 2020 (8) Umbrella review 2022 (9) Commercial durgs in Korea
Edema Cyclo3, HCSE Diosmin, Rutosides 베니톨, 플라벤, 디오스민, 치센, 엘라스에이
Ankle circumference Cyclo3, HCSE Diosmin MPFF, Ruscus, Oxerutins 베니톨, 플라벤, 디오스민, 치센, 뉴베인
Leg volume Cyclo3, HCSE, ca+ dobesilate ca+dobesilate MPFF, Ruscus, HCSE 베니톨, 플라벤, 디오스민, 치센, 독시움
Pain MPFF, Cyclo3, Oxerutins, HCSE Diosmin, Rutosides, ca+dobesilate MPFF, Ruscus, HCSE 베니톨, 플라벤, 디오스민, 치센, 뉴베인,
Cramps MPFF, Oxerutins Diosmin, Rutosides, ca+dobesilate MPFF, Ruscus 베니톨, 플라벤, 디오스민, 치센, 독시움
Heaviness MPFF, Cyclo3, Oxerutins, ca+dobesilate Diosmin, Rutosides MPFF, Ruscus 베니톨, 플라벤, 디오스민, 치센, 뉴베인, 독시움
Feeling of swelling MPFF, Cyclo3 ca+dobesilate MPFF 베니톨, 플라벤
Ulcer MPFF, Oxerutins 베니톨, 플라벤, 뉴베인
Functional discomfort MPFF MPFF 베니톨, 플라벤
Skin change MPFF Diosmin MPFF 베니톨, 플라벤, 디오스민
Restless leg ca+dobesilate 독시움
Pruritis/Itching Oxerutins, HCSE Rutosides HCSE 뉴베인
Paraesthesia Cyclo3 Rutosides MPFF 베니톨, 플라벤
Leg fatique Cyclo3
QoL MPFF MPFF 베니톨, 플라벤
Burning sensation MPFF 베니톨, 플라벤

Cyclo 3 fort®, Ruscus extract+hesperidin methyl chalcone (HMC)+vitamin C UIP, L’Union Internationale de Phlébologie. MPFF: micronized purified flavonoid fraction, HCSE: horse chestnut seed extract.

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