Annals of Phlebology

Table. 4.

Summary of the anatomic classification (A) in the 2020 update of the CEAP classification

A class Description
As Superficial
Old New Description
1. Tel Telangiectasia
1. Ret Reticular veins
2. GSVa Great saphenous vein above knee
3. GSVb Great saphenous vein below knee
4. SSV Small saphenous vein
AASV Anterior accessory saphenous vein
5. NSV Nonsaphenous vein
Ad Deep
Old New Description
6. IVC Inferior vena cava
7. CIV Common iliac vein
8. IIV Internal iliac vein
9. EIV External iliac vein
10. PELV Pelvic veins
11. CFV Common femoral vein
12. DFV Deep femoral vein
13. FV Femoral vein
14. POPV Popliteal vein
15. TIBV Crural (tibial) vein
15. PRV Peroneal vein
15. ATV Anterior tibial vein
15. PTV Posterior tibial vein
16. MUSV Muscular veins
16. GAV Gastrocnemius vein
16. SOV Soleal vein
Ap Perforator
Old New Description
17. TPV Thigh perforator vein
18. CPV Calf perforator vein
An No venous anatomic location identified
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